Calum MacCrimmon

Calum’s piping career began in Edmonton, Canada at the age of 9. The legacy of his ancestors took stride long before this in Scotland about 500 years ago as duty-bound pipers to the MacLeods of Dunvegan on the Isle of Skye. The pressure and responsibility of such lineage has apparently done nothing to discourage Calum from a musical path.

Following the first 9 years of Calum’s life in Western Canada, he and his family moved to the East coast of Scotland, briefly living with his granny until a house came up on the market just down the road. Calums mother “thought it best to be close to gran if she needed anything done”. After a short spell of ‘settling in’, Calum enlisted with the City of Dundee Novice Juvenile Pipe Band and began individual lessons with Iain Duncan. There was a lot of teacher-swapping and tune-learning done in the 90’s but to cut a long story short, In 2004 Calum graduated with hounours from the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama.

Breabach are a big part of Calum’s performing career. Here is a short description of the band:

Nominated in the Scots Trad Music Awards for ‘Best Up and Coming Artist’ in 2006 and ‘Best Folk Band’ in 2007 and 2008 and 2010, Breabach’s huge sound is dominated by the twin Bagpipes of Calum MacCrimmon and Donal Brown. This uncompromising force is complemented by the extraordinary fiddle playing of Patsy Reid and is further supported by the charismatic yet propulsive guitar playing of Ewan Robertson, named BBC Young Traditional Musician of the Year 2008. More info on the band can be found at

Calum released his debut solo album of cross-genre celtic funk music in early 2010 entitled ‘Man’s Ruin’, and is now regularly writing/performing with this band as well as Breabach.

Calum composed music for two separate commissions for large ensembles in 2010. ‘Perception’ was written for The Gordon Duncan Experience and aired in late September. ‘Times Change’ is a musical portrayal of time passing and how we respond within those parameters. This piece was performed in November by the internationally renowned Mr McFalls Chamber as part of the Distil Showcase 2010.

Current Bands and Projects: Man’s Ruin, Breabach, The Unusual Suspects, Seudan, RTK9000 and the Knobsquad, Saxon Pop

Albums Calum has performed on: Man’s Ruin (Calum MacCrimmon),  The Big Spree (Breabach), The Desperate Battle of the Birds (Breabach), Bann (Breabach), Big Like This (The Unusual Suspects), Super String Theory (Mike Vass) and Seudan (Seudan).