Scott Donald

From an early age, Scott Donald has had a passion for both drums and music technology. At age 13 he had his first drum kit and shortly afterwards his trusty Commodore Amiga with sample tracker software ProTracker and Octamed.  From then he has always been a pendulum swinging between drum practise and learning computer software. Always playing what he could program and vice versa.

In the early years like many young drummers he played rock and metal, until the days of early 90s Rave, Drum and Bass, and breakbeat, of which he became hooked on playing and programming the modern dance music styles.

He studied at Perth College in the late 90s and played in various bands, including Chapanga, an 11 piece international line up playing acid jazz and jungle. Even then his drum performances were accompanied by extras and fills programmed into his Alesis SR16 drum machine.  Shortly after the college years he helped with drum programming on the Capercaillie remix EP Dusk till Dawn, aged 18.

Within the next 5 years, after working in music technology sales, he moved to Guildford to study at ACM, receiving valuable input in his drumkit studies from Mike Sturgis, Pete Riley and Bill Bruford (who he drum-tech’d for with Bill’s Jazz band ‘Earthworks’)  Through learning about Bill’s passion for electronic and acoustic hybrid drumkits and programming, he had a clear idea of what the future held for him.

Upon moving back to Scotland in 2003, Scott has taught drums and music technology in Dundee College, Perth College and University of Abertay Dundee as well as with many private students.

He learned the ropes using Steinberg Cubase VST and has been using Cubase up till present day, as well as Reason and more recently Protools.

However with the discovery of Ableton Live, this has completely transformed his outlook on the live performance of drumkit, creating a fusion of live drumkit playing, samples,  and live music production while drumming,  and the concept of LoopJamming. (where a number of musicians can sample loops of themselves while performing and manipulate the loop playback live through effect chains.) Integrating live dance music production elements as a fusible style.

He is playing in a number of bands both electronic and live setup. 2009 saw the release of the Architeq album ‘Gold and Green’ (Tirk Records) where Scott performed drums for many of the EPs released from the album.  As well as Tirks’ Architeq, Scott has been recording the drum tracks for Tirks new signing ‘Molly Wagger’.  Other original bands include Scottish Funk Folk Fusion band Man’s Ruin who have appeared on Radio Scotland live and recently played Celtic Connections festival in 2010-2011.

In his home town of Dundee he is a drummer with several very successful function bands including Funkin Idiots (live jazz funk) and Miami Vince (tribute to Yacht Rock)

In 2008 Scott was in Brazil for one month under the wing of Ronnie Goodman who was doing a sabatical.  While there, he was fortunate enough to receive lessons in samba and percussion with Mestres Memeu and Gilmario of Olodum (Brazil’s main Samba band who have played with Paul Simon and Michael Jackson). As well as several percussion lessons from Joel Souza Santos, one of the percussionist from the world famous bale folclorico da bahia.