Album #1

Calum MacCrimmon – Man’s Ruin

Break out

Keep your spirits up, let nobody bring you down, Town set to erupt, will you address yourself, mistake me not my ear is to the ground

Free me from these chains, my feet are killing me, feeling old and played, and I’m only 23, give me a name who – NO!  Nobody can change but me.

Faith is hard to find the truth is hard to take, working to the grind to earn my piece of cake when I’m hungry, maybe I’ll just learn to bake

Many have tried to talk me down remove me from my place, fill me full of doubt, ch-change the words i say.  Don’t cage me NO this prisoners breaking OUT!

…you gotta break out sometimes!

Lonely Man

The lonely man is walking in circles
He doesn’t know where to go
The sinking sand has tightened it’s grip from below
An empty glass and a couple of cases
The hole is getting deeper and the fever increases
Take off the mask and all that you face is a lonely man
And he’s drinking, doesn’t have a clue who to be when he’s into the potion.  The lonely man is living his life in a dream.  Li, li, li…

Well I’m in a rut with all the same faces.  Doing all the wrong things in all the same places.  Last night I slept on a couch, today I woke up on the floor.
Losing track of the days seems the nights are in fashion.  Going blind full of whisky and passion and I might be feeling alone but never far from the bar
And I’m joking, hiding any sign of emotion and if feels like I’m choking on own convictions, I don’t want to walk on this lonely ground anymore…li, li, li…

Album #2

– Man’s Ruin – Health and Safety

Frantic Funk

Self, holds me back, from myself, please don’t offer me no help, ‘less I ask.
I help myself, searching for my day of PEACE, piece of mind but mind your step, or someday you might find OUT!

SOUNDS from the street freak me out keep me up and i can’t sleep, mind’s in doubt, so I take a peak.
Somone’s calling on my phone, ringing out, don’t know that number, common sense has left my head full of doubt but freaking out ain’t gonna HELP NOBODY!

Those farmers DANCE, on my patch, lay me flat, take a SLICE OF APPLE LOVE, dish it out, but don’t pay it back, won’t you ever live or love the
SMELL of fresh cut grass, i start to WHEE-E-EEZE searching for my vento-DRUGS, please react.  The frantic funk put a KNIFE IN MY BACK

Scat: “Dooaliddo bap, dum, dom doodabap”…etc

Days of the Weak

“This set is based on a cheeky reel written by Calum and a riffy tune from Innes called ‘Stubbs’.  The African singing was some in-studio banter…can’t wait to do it at the gigs!”


“A song written by Innes – it’s fairly self-explanatory if you listen to the lyrics.”

I have all the plans in the world, but I need all of the time in the world to complete them.
If I had all the money in the world then I’d have much more time for you.
Time isn’t bought, sold or paid for.  You can’t borrow it from your friends.
I wish that time had a limit set by good folk and didn’t creep up on you in your sleep.

When you think of all the things you want to do.  Don’t you wish that time it would leave you alone too.
Hesitation, discipline, motivation pack them in.  Do what you want to do-oo-oo.

I had all the plans in the world.  I needed all of the time in the world to complete them.
I don’t have all the money in the world.  I still need much more time for you.
Time isn’t bought, sold and paid for.  You should borrow it from your friends.
Time should have a limit set by everyone.  It should grow on trees, in your dreams.

Avaaz [Voice]

“This piece of music started as an idea of Hamish’s which we used as an instrumental for Ceitidh Anna on the first self-titled album – Man’s Ruin.
With hind sight we acknowledge that it might function as a nice ‘recovery piece’ should one attempt to listen to the whole album in one go – Which we do not advise doing by the way.”

Living for the Day

“Can’t decide if this song is delivering a positive or negative message…probably negative fi we had to vote.  The chorus is an arrangement of a tune written by Innes later lyricized by Calum.”

Working for the coal mine was a quiet lad from the Colton side
He left school as a young boy, chose a working mans life
Each day Tom woke up early, his back was strong, and his manner was kind but content the young mans mind can only keep for so long…

The men clocked out on Sunday and the custom was to go for a dram
most sheep snuck out the back way, but the wolves smelled a lamb
They cried “Tom hold your horses!  We’re having none of your excuses this time, and in the morning you might curse us, but save your strength for tonight
…His lips touched the glass and the world got fast…

And they were drinking, smoking, hokey-koking, he was laughing and joking, living for the day they were
Swinging, reeling from the ceiling, he was swigging and toking, forgetting his way

Now the next thing it was Tuesday, a shaky tom didn’t feel too grand.
He called in sick on Monday, with a glass in his hand
Now running up the works lane, he said “the weekend’s done I’ve had my fun…but I can’t face work and no play, so I might just go in for one…”

And they were drinking, smoking, hokey-koking, he was laughing and joking, living for the day they were
Swinging, reeling from the ceiling, he was swigging and toking, forgetting, ohh
He started boking, shaking, he wasn’t faking, he was swimming in women,  his face had gone beige
Now the smoking and drinking has killed his thinking, and he’s digging and mining, his way into the grave

Midnight train

“This song has been ‘on ice’ since Calum was 16 years old.   It is not about trains.  See if you can figure it out.”

I’ve been working on a midnight train, all the hot long day
Nose to the grindstone, work my fingers to the bone, lord that midnight train
Those wheels are spinning off the track, her engine’s burning like a flame, wheels of fortune turn my way
We’re chugging along as we’re singing this song, all aboard the midnight train

Singing Choo-choo all day long
Singing amen lord for making right so wrong

Yesterday morning we were singing the blues, singing all the hot long day
We were running out of coal with every steam that she blew, good lord that midnight train
Well we were huffing, we were puffing we were tearing down the line, feel the blood course through my veins
Unscrew the jack we’ll hit Glasgow tonight, bringing home that midnight train

Singing choo-choo all day long
Singing amen lord for making right so wrong

Huffing, puffing, tearing the line now
Huffing, puffing tearing the line now
Huffing, puffing tearing the line now
Huffing, puffing, tearing down the line now…etc


“A tune by the formidable, the incurable, the unpredictably fantastical INNES WATSON!”

Health and Safety

“This track is an arrangement of two tunes: ‘Health and Safety’ which is a fat-bottomed pipe reel and an dirty wee jig entitled ‘Man’s Ruin’.
We must reinforce that there was nothing healthy or safe in the making of this album…it’s ok though, we’ll be alright.”

Wash that World Away

“From time to time people need to remind themselves to enjoy some of life’s simplicities.  Don’t let all this ‘aye-phone’ and ‘smack-book’ technology kill us off like Schwarzenegger predicted in that film with Linda Hamilton.”

Singing in the shower on a Friday afternoon
Bubbles in your mouth, soapy suds are taking you
up to the sky wave goodbye to the doom and gloom

The sky has opened up now let the world invite you in
A chance to raise your glass in the sanctity of gin
And maybe tomorrow, tonight might make you grin

Dancing in the club with a bubble friend or two
Drinking pints of love, soon to wash right down the loo.
Everyone’s dancing, the kids are having a ball

now you’re whistling a different tune
fly fishing on a distant moon
stormy seas and big baboons
your best cruising on the midnight train
and if tomorrow gets in your face
You gotta wash that muggy world away…

…from the fuss and the buzz life seems to be
Walk out with the drones in a world that’s out of key
And think of the times we laugh

Chilling in the yard, at the family bbq
Homemade burgers cooking on a Sunday afternoon
Out in the garden, the sun shines on the lawn

now you’re whistling a different tune
sides splitting in a different booth
spicy cheese and mismatched shoes
Now your cruising on a midnight train
Suns shining when the skies are grey
Are you ever glad to have washed that world away

Na, na, na, na, na, na…etc

Thirsty morning

“This song was inspired by the elaborate goings-on behind the walls of 175 West Princes Street back in Calums student days.  There are a lot of stories involving that flat…the lyrics are less metaphorical than one might think.”

We dealt the cards in the living room
Our hopes were high but our minds were full
Checked my hand, made a pair of nines
Then tried to bluff but you read my mind
The walls were choking the growing fire
The cracks were smoking, I think the seal was broken
Made a toast to the pickle jar
Forgot the end, middle and the start

Thirsty Morning, drinking the summertime,
Ice-cold warming
Drink keeps pouring, make me forget the time,
Buy some more in…

Our feet were dancing in double time
The lights were buzzing, our fizzy minds a-fuzzing
On the street we could hear a siren
The lawman came, but he found  no crii-iime

Thirsty Morning, drinking the summertime,
Ice-cold warming
Drink keeps pouring, make me forget the time,
Buy some more in…


“This was written for Calums flatmates at the time (Innes and Robbie) but also for my life-long friend and everlasting enemy the Great Highland Bagpipe.  Ironically this tune has even more flats than the pipes can manage.  Whammy!”

Silence of the Frogs

“Composed immediately after a very strange experience in the North of Poland in 2010 when hundreds of silenced frogs and a naked Scotsman shared a public pond at 5 in the morning.”

The Peewit

“a crazy tune inspired by a bird…This reel was penned by Hamish Napier”