Manhatton Castle

Last week we were lucky enough to be allowed to run amok in Hatton Castle, Newtyle. The laird of the estate, Mike Lean, surrendered the castle to us (thank you Mike!!!!) and what followed was 5 days of music, eating, drinking and merriment. From all corners of the world we came to amass in Newtyle – Dundee, Arbroath, Elgin and New York. Calum and James, having just landed in Glasgow from their stint at NY Tartan Week, hopped in the car and drove through the night and the snow to be welcomed by a roaring fire, a cold beer and the promise of a week of folk/funk/fusion experimentation (this journey has been dubbed ‘New York to New Tyle’).

Much new music was to be had and our follow up album to Health and Safety is coming together very nicely. However, before we get there we are going to be releasing an EP OF BRAND NEW MUSIC for the Summer. In a couple of weeks we go into Gran’s House studio with the fantastic Angus Lyon at the helm to lay down the tracks and then looking at an early June release.  This will also be accompanied by some shiny new LIVE video footage shot by Graeme Macdonald. Keep your ears to the ground on this one, more information soon!

All the best

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