Working for the Man is coming…

WFTM copy

Working for the Man

Hello folks,

Our new summer single of the summer Working for the Man is set for release on the 16th June 2013. This will be our first release since 2011’s Health and Safety and we can’t wait to give you a sample of the new music we have going on. Once again prepare for a punchy cocktail of folk, world, funk, rock and jazz crossover! WFTM was mixed by Andrea Gobbi (Glasvegas), mastered by Paul McGeechan (Love and Money) and engineered by Angus Lyon (Blazin’ Fiddles) during the spring of 2013.

Pre-order is available now –

With your purchase you will receive an instant download of 1 track and our sincere gratitude! Once the single is officially released you will receive an email link to download the whole bloomin’ thing.

Insider Festival


The Insider Festival in Aviemore is one of our favourite events of the year and we can’t wait to play it again this summer. We perform on the Friday night (21st) and you can expect a few surprises from us. There are tons of other amazing acts to check out over the weekend, so you should definitely grab a ticket (we hear they are flying off the shelves).

Please feel free to spread the word on all your bestest social networks. We really appreciate the support!

Over and out!
Man’s Ruin